Custom Mouthguard Rehoboth Beach, DE

Do you or your child play contact sports like lacrosse, hockey, or football? Protect your smile with a custom sports mouthguard. Because sports mouthguards protect teeth from chips, cracks, and even tooth loss, they act as a preventative dental solution. Preventative care is a part of general dentistry, as preventing damaged or missing teeth improves the current health of the smile. Sports mouthguards prevent the need for restorative and cosmetic dental treatments like crowns, veneers, or dental bonding.

The team at Enhanced Dental Care offers custom sports mouthguards in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Patients can also receive sports mouthguards for braces and other oral appliances. Wearing a mouthguard can protect orthodontic appliances from damage or breaks in the wires or brackets.

Custom Mouthguard in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Custom Sports Mouthguards in Rehoboth Beach, DE

We custom-make our sports mouthguards for patients. To begin treatment, we take digital impressions of the smile. We send these impressions to a dental lab, where technicians make the mouthguard out of flexible plastic. Once the mouthguard is complete, we make sure that it fits comfortably. To care for your sports mouthguard, clean it after every game. Use soap and water or mouthguard cleaner to keep your mouthguard fresh. When it is not in use, place your mouthguard in its ventilated case.

Can Sports Mouthguards Treat TMD?

Some patients may think that nightguards and mouthguards are interchangeable. However, nightguards are meant to treat TMD and mouthguards protect the mouth during sports. TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorders, lead to teeth clenching and grinding, tooth sensitivity, and jaw pain. Nightguards are hard acrylic appliances that protect the teeth from further tooth wear. They also alleviate pressure from the jaw.

Sports mouthguards are made of flexible, rubbery plastic. They cover and protect the front of the teeth. Due to their different materials and uses, nightguards and mouthguards cannot be replaced by one another.

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