Family Dentistry Rehoboth Beach, DE

As a family dentist office in Rehoboth Beach, DE, we can provide general dental care to the whole family. Our office provides children’s dentistry for the children of existing adult patients. We welcome young patients who are comfortable in a dental office setting.

At routine appointments, we offer cleanings, x-rays, and examinations for children and adults. We provide comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dental care for the changing oral health needs and aesthetic goals of our patients. Enhanced Dental Care is committed to an exceptional patient experience and makes every effort to ensure that all patients feel welcomed and comfortable during their time in our office.

Children's Dentistry in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Children’s Dentistry in Rehoboth Beach

At routine dental visits, we can prevent early tooth decay or gum disease. Children who have these problems early in life are more prone to future oral health problems. During routine dental exams, we can find and treat early signs of cavities or infected gum tissue.

During routine dental visits, we will:

  • Examine the child’s teeth and gums
  • Address bad oral health habits (Thumb sucking)
  • Teach children and parents about cleaning their teeth and gums

Our hygienists will advise parents, and children who are old enough, about how to brush and floss their teeth. We recommend that caregivers begin to clean their child’s mouths by wiping their gums. Even before their baby teeth come in, the gums are still at risk of infection. Then, once the baby’s teeth erupt, parents can use an infant-sized toothbrush to gently brush their teeth.

Dental Sealants and Flouride

Sealants and fluoride treatments are great ways to protect the teeth from harmful decay-causing bacteria. To apply a sealant to the teeth, we dry the teeth and place gauze around them. We roughen the surface layer to create the right surface for the sealant material to bond. Then, we brush the sealant onto the chewing surface of the tooth and use a curing light to harden the material.

For fluoride treatments, we apply a highly concentrated varnish to the teeth. We will ask that patients refrain from eating or brushing their teeth several hours after their treatment. This allows the fluoride to sink into the teeth and strengthen the tooth enamel.

Restorative and Cosmetic Care

As we age, we may develop oral health problems that we may not have expected. Sometimes dental problems may be linked to medical problems, such as diabetes, GERD, and even heart disease. Because of this, our dental office provides patients with smile makeovers and restorative dental care to renew the function and aesthetics of their smiles.

A smile makeover uses multiple cosmetic treatments to improve the look of the teeth and gums. For a smile makeover, we can use porcelain veneers, dental bonding, teeth whitening, or the Snap-On Smile. These treatments brighten the smile and address tooth gaps, injuries, misshapen teeth, and short teeth. Restorative dental care is an integral part of dentistry, especially as patients age. With our restorative treatments, we can address patients with one or more missing teeth, TMJ disorders, or gum disease.

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